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Peruvian Cuisine for the world in the USA

Publicado el 12/04/12

Quinoa, the sacred food of the Incas, will be one of the great attractions of Peruvian Cuisine for the World PCW and PERU Bar Show 2012, which this year will bring together more than twenty restaurants and hundreds of chefs, who will turn the city of North Bergen, New Jersey, into a center for Peruvian cuisine in the United States on May 5th and 6th.

The announcement was made by the President of PCW, Heidi Castrillón, during a press conference held in Manhattan to raise awareness on the main attractions of this great food fair in its second consecutive year in the American nation.

She indicated that PCW plans to receive more than 5,000 people this year, attracting massive audiences from the most important cities of New Jersey and New York; Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington.

Along with nutritious and delicious dishes prepared from quinoa, PCW attendees can enjoy a delicious ceviche made ​​from the unique fish with lime produced in northern Peru, and the traditional lomo saltado- chunks of beef with crisp French fries; as well as papa a la huancaína or Lima’s causa, prepared from pressed potato.

The list is endless, said the president of PCW, Heidi Castrillón, citing other dishes like aji de gallina, carapulcra, cau-cau, escabeche, dry beef with beans, the irresistible tacu tacu, or anticuchos (kebabs).

She also highlighted that in this edition of the food fair one can enjoy the incomparable Peruvian pollo a la brasa from one of the most important Peruvian chicken restaurant chains, “Las Canastas”. “All of these dishes can be enjoyed with a glass of Pisco or its most celebrated cocktail, Pisco Sour,” said the organizer of PCW.

Peruvian economy

Castrillón said that Peruvian cuisine has become a true engine of the economy. Peruvian cuisine is estimated to annually move around $1 billion, only in regard to use of ingredients and products.

In Peru- she says- there are around 100,000 food establishments. Of these, an estimated 60,000 are formally established companies that employ more than 300 thousand people.

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