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“delle volte sie vede meglio con gli occhi chiusi”- von Himmel, Meer und betörenden Gärten


16th of MAY – 1th of JUNY 2013 

OPENING: 16th of MAY, 6.30 – 9.30 pm 


The Gallery CASA DEL ARTE is very pleased to present the works of Claudia Ginocchio and Bruno Streich. Swirling structures in fire red that begin to vibrate in front of the eye and round shapes in delicate red and blue tones which involuntarily remember a sea of flowers – Claudia Ginocchio Dreifuss gives the painting with their colors and forms a new aesthetic. At the same time she focuses on excerpts from nature. What inspires her is the sudden change of light and shadow on the water or the ever-changing cloud forms in the sky. In addition to the Swiss lakes the unique atmosphere at the Dead Sea and the lighting conditions in Tuscany fascinate her. So entirely new series of landscapes result in the form of painted snapshots. In her abstract, two-dimensional paintings Claudia Ginocchio Dreifuss decided not to promote the center, which enhances the contemplative character of her images.

Next to the painting Claudia Ginocchio Dreifuss dedicates with great passion her “word pictures” that are influenced by the art of calligraphy. The focus of her graphics are short sentences in Italian, which she writes with black China ink. The artist has Italian roots and studied painting in Florence. Italian is not only very familiar to her, but it is best suited for her poetic word games, especially when it comes to ambiguity.

In her “word pictures” she accesses forgotten places dedicated to the existential questions of human existence. She combines of herself developed, poetic phrases with colored elements. In addition, the “word pictures” are showing that she is a brilliant illustrator. Since the mid-eighties she works equally as a painter and an illustrator and lives in Zurich for twenty years.

Rita Preuss Magistra Artium, Berlin

Bruno Streich creates space occupying oversized sculptures, which take the viewer through their forms into a world of aeronautics. The artistic work of the aerospace engineer from Zurich begins 2008 that included his knowledge to produce huge art pieces. His works, from wood, rope, steel pipes, nails and screws, break view habits, stimulate our visual memory and also lend a whole new sense of space. The limits of internal and external world blend, because the surface of the trapezoidal-resolution rocket-like sculptures plays with the perception.

Through the contrast of hart, rustic materials to elegant curved and reduced forms of the satellite-like pieces of art he produces a new way of seeing which makes the unseen visible.